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Como en todas las buenas historias, dejamos lo mejor para el final. En primer lugar, el concepto referido en esta historia es el de asíntota. Podríamos decir que la asíntota de una curva es una recta tal que la distancia entre la curva y dicha recta se hace tan pequeña como queramos a medida que nos alejamos del origen. Uniendo los conceptos ya vistos de tangencias y puntos del infinito, se podría decir también que una asíntota es una recta tangente a una curva en el infinito.

A la vista de esta definición, la imagen del vídeo que acompaña a esta historia no es correcta. A pesar de ello, las dos curvas de la imagen tampoco comparten asíntota. Se acercan mucho entre sí, pero no tanto como quisiéramos. Para tratar de comprenderlo, hagamos el siguiente ejercicio: Pero el comportamiento de una curva respecto de una asíntota puede complicarse. Al contrario de lo que mucha gente piensa, una curva sí puede cortar a una asíntota.

Así pues, tendremos ahora una historia de amor con infinitos encuentros amorosos a lo largo del tiempo. Esta entrada participa en la Edición 5. Tiempo medio de lectura minutos. El primer amor La primera historia es la de las líneas tangentes que se encuentran una vez y después se separan para siempre, aunque como veremos a continuación, los reencuentros con el primer amor son posibles. Tangentes en el vídeo Math love stories Fuente: Tangente con un corte previo Fuente: Creación del autor con Mathematica.

O que se produzca un nuevo encuentro agradable otro punto de tangencia. Tangente en dos puntos Fuente: Tangente en infinitos puntos Fuente: Amores imposibles La segunda historia es la de las rectas paralelas que nunca estuvieron destinadas a encontrarse. My favorite color will always be the one of your eyes. May this chance last forever. I have told you this in a thousand gazes. My desire for you never goes away, it gathers instead.

You are my tempest and my calm. With a kiss you will know everything that I have concealed. True love is like spirits: Neither absence nor time are anything when you love someone. What your heart feels today, your head will understand it tomorrow. You should listen to your head, but you should let your heart to speak.

To a big heart, no ungratefulness closes it, no indifference tires it. The heart is a child: To be a true love, it must cost us. Your chest is sufficient for my heart, my wings are sufficient for your liberty. Love comforts like the brightness of the sun after the rain. La verdadera desgracia es no saber amar. Not being loved is a simple misadventure.

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An absolute disgrace is not knowing how to love. De él nace la tristeza, el gozo, la alegría y la desesperación. Love is the root of all passions. From it emerges sadness, joy, happiness and despair. It is madness to love, unless you love like crazy. It is better to have loved and to have lost than to never have loved. The first kiss is not given with the mouth, but with the gaze. Who love each other from the bottom of their hearts only talk with it. Love is the initiator power of life; passion makes its permanence possible. What a great insomnia if I stay awake over your body.

The measure of love is to love without measure. However far away the spirit goes, it will never go farther than heart. Heart has reasons that even the reason ignores. Un truco encantado para dejar de hablar cuando las palabras se tornan superfluas.

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A kiss? A delighted trick to stop talking when words get superfluous. Every time your life has an emptiness, fill it with love. Love nurtures more from what it gives than what it gets. Love just for a day and the world will have changed.

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Love emerges from the memory, lives of intelligence and dies due to oblivion. To love: The kiss is a form of dialogue. The kiss is the fusion of two fantasies. Love is the only thing that grows when it is distributed. Not loving for fear of suffering is like not living for fear of dying. The tragedy of life is not that men die, but that they stop loving. To be nothing and not loving anything is the same.

The kiss is the exhaust valve of honesty. How bold one becomes when he is sure to be loved. Love is faith and no science. Tough hearts are defeated with soft supplications. Love is the poetry of the senses. Love arises from nothing and dies from everything.

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Love is the noblest weakness of spirit. Only love knows who loves without expectation. Love is physics and chemistry. Love inspires the biggest feats. You are my reason for being. I like your perfume, you smell like the love of my life. From all the places I have been, the best one is beside you. You have everything I expect from love.

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The best part of my life is being in your life. Te juro que te lo devuelvo. Would you lend me a kiss? I swear I return it to you. You crossed my path and I forgot where I was going. Your flaws are perfect for the heart whereof is aimed to love you. Our relationship is a secret that we carry on our smile. Must be lovely to meet each other by chance and to stay by choice.

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amor en lines Amor en lines
amor en lines Amor en lines
amor en lines Amor en lines
amor en lines Amor en lines
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